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dimanche 4 janvier 2015

Animals that don't Exist

The Thoght Pig

The though pig, Sus mensmentis, is a member of the Suidae, commonly known as the pig family. Like its cousin, the domesticated pig, the thought pig is dependant on humans for its survival, and lives mainly off of leftovers. Except that instead of food leftovers, the thought pig lives off of leftover or rotten thoughts.
The thought pig used to be an underrepresented species, compared to the other members of the pig genus. But in recent years, its population has exploded, and the thought pig is believed to be on its way to become to most prolific species in urban environments.
Especially in capital cities, such as Washington D.C., Tokyo or Moscow, the thought pig thrives. Political institutions are a favorite spot for the thought pigs. Politicians have proposed a number of measures to curb the thought pig epidemic, but it seems that discussions about the subject have attracted even more thought pigs.
Thought pigs have always been part of human society, and considered necessary to limit the propagation of bad or rotten thoughts. They have long been revered for keeping our brains free of unneeded or nonsensical thoughts. The recent explosion of the thought pig population, however, seems to indicate that, even with large numbers, they are no longer able to eat away all the useless, discarded or rotten thoughts our society is putting out there.

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