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mercredi 28 octobre 2015

Politics that didn't Happen

In 2016, the new Swiss government, shocked by the amount of negative effects of lack of sleep, and the number of its citizens who suffer thereof, especially in the 15 to 25 years age group, passed a law that made 8 hours of sleep per day the mandatory minimum. Exceptions could be made for people who were medically certified to need less sleep, but otherwise, offenders could be fined up to 10'000 CHF, and forced to attend sleep-prisons. The result, however, was not as expected.
Despite the benefits that should have come with increased sleep, the crime rate soared shortly after the law was introduced, especially in the 15 to 25 years age group. The judicial system was overwhelmed by the sudden increase in cases, and for several weeks, became completely paralized. Politicians were desperately looking for causes, and found many, from the decline of the social state to periodic sunstorms and immigration. But it was only a year later that the truth finally emerged.
A new study linked regular sleeping hours to a rise of crime after having compared the swiss situation to that of neighbouring countries. This caused the abolition of the sleep-law, and the effects were immediate. There was an unprecedented decrease in criminal cases, especially in the 15 to 25 year age group.
And science once more saved the day!

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