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dimanche 23 mars 2014

Letters from the Northern Lands


My Love

We have arrived at our last stop before the wilderness. Here we shall make our preparation, and equip ourselves with the supplies we could not bring from home.
It shames me to say so, my Love, but even though it is only the second day since leaving, my heart makes my resolve waver. How I long to be by your side.
Do you remember when we first met ? In that little bakery near the old university ? You were an hour early, and decided to have coffee. I was five minutes late to class, and thought "Why bother ?" As I looked for a seat, you lent me the one next to you.
I shall always remember that day, my Love. The day that I met you, and that my life found joy. The day that I knew where to go, and where to sit. The day that I found were I belong. And the day I vowed to do everything I can to be worthy of that seat.
I will not turn back, my Love, no matter how much I crave your touch. I shall go on, and find my courage in the wild mountains of the north. Between dark trees and fresh snow I will find my worth. Only after shall I come back to you, my Love.


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