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mardi 4 mars 2014

Oh man !

Ohmanohmanohman ! Oh buddy ! You wouldn't believe ! 

So let's talk about something else.

I've been keeping at it this time around, but I still don't really know which direction this blog should be taking. Should it be funny ? Serious ? A "this-is-my-life" kind of blog, or a "I-wish-this-were-my-life" kind of blog ? A "it-ain't-that-bad" kind of blog, or a "you're-doing-it-all-wrong-let-me-tell-you" kind of blog ?

You're all savvy internet experts, viewers of many blogs, and able critics of the written word, I'm sure (I have a lot of faith in you guys. You seem nice). I'd hate to dissapoint you when you're all expecting me to say something clever, make some witty remark, or simply analyze politics in an accurate yet humane manner. That's quite a bit of pressure you guys are putting on me. I mean come on ! I'm only one man ! Give me a break, god dammit !

As you can see, it isn't easy to write a blog. It takes a special kind of person to resist the urge to please, and stay true to your convictions, when you know the whole world is watching. Or, well, could be watching. Theoretically speaking. That's quite a bit of power and responsability. So, how should I handle it ?

I don't really know. If you've got any ideas, please tell me. I'll try to hold on until then.

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