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jeudi 12 juin 2014

Letters from the Northern Lands


My Love

All did not go right. As I was on my way to your sweet embrace, we came upon a storm. Strong blew the wind and hard fell the rain, blocking roads and rails, and we were forced to spend the night before we could go on. It seems the road did not want to let me leave just yet. One more time it reminded me that anything can happen, and that no destination is certain before you reach it.
Indeed, nothing is predictable when you travel, and the unknown waits at every turn.
I do not mind, though, having one last adventure before coming home. It was a great and glorious farewell, and I felt a warm glow coming from our forced delay. In a way, it could not have ended better. The worse is what we leave for, to be pushed around, drowned and rescued, and to learn to stay true to ourselves even during the most trying of times.
To bend ourselves to the unforeseen, abandoning the pointless, frustrating resistance, and embracing the change. We learn to let go, to stay calm, to embrace the madness of the unpredictable as a welcome escape from the mundane.
And so even the mundane becomes special.


This was the last instalment of "Letters from the Northern Lands". Sunday will be off, and starting next week a new series, "Animals that don't exist", will be starting up. Also, an illustrated book/pdf for "Letters from the Northern Lands" is in the making. I'll let you know when it's done.

And thanks for reading !

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