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jeudi 5 juin 2014

Letters from the Northern Lands


My Love

I have done a lot of distance today. Traveling south, meeting people along the way, sleep seems to be nothing more than an annoyance to which I must succumb from time to time. A whim of the body. And so once more I am tired, but happy to be on the road. On my way back home to you.
The land has gotten flat again, and golden fields spread far and wide. It is hot and sunny, and I shall take care to have enough water with me, for there are no pristine streams around here, just muddy green ponds.
I have had a long day and my mind is not yet working well, but the flickering lights passing by as we travel down the dark road kept reminding me of freedom.
A lot of people seem to have given up on freedom, exchanging it for safety or comfort, telling each other it was but an illusion.
But freedom does exist, my Love. In the open fields and the lonely mountains, in the busy cities and the rumbling roads. Freedom is everywhere to be found. All you need to do is step away from what you have. The more you leave behind and the freer you shall be.
I know now that I shall never be again as free as I was then. For I have you, my Love. And I shall not leave you behind.
But neither shall I forget what it feels like to be free. We shall be free together soon, my Love.


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