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mercredi 13 mai 2015

Politics that didn't Happen

Shortly afte winning the referendum on EU membership, and thus exiting the European Union, David Cameron made good on his promess to ban encryption in the UK. This caused the collapse of the UK economy, followed by massive social unrest, and large-scale migration towards the mainland.
The EU, now facing illegal migrants not only from the mediterranean, but the channel as well, decided to employ deadly force to "stop the tide", as Angela Merkel put it. The fact that she smiled at her own bad pun was later considered one of the major reasons she lost the subsequent election.
The German government took control of the American bases of Ramstein and Bad Aibling, and redirected US drones to sink the ships used by migrants to cross the seas and reach the EU, while other member states sent ground troops and destroyers. The heavy militarisation of the seas, and bad coordination between allied states, have conspired to make the mediterranean one of the deadliest places on Earth, and put a radical stop to any boating activity in those seas.
Meanwhile, the US, without its German bases, was forced to halt its military operations in the Middle East, which, only a few years later, saw an end of the deadly conflicts that had ravaged it during the past decades.
Today, David Cameron is remembered not only as the man who sank England, but also as the person responsible for the current peace in the Middle East. Which, he claims, was his goal all along.

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