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mercredi 27 mai 2015

Politics that didn't Happen

In the 2015 general elections in Switzerland, the Pink Umbrella Party, who was a new arrival on the swiss political scene, scored a surprise victory and took a majority of seats in the parliament. Showing a commitment to their campaign promises rarely seen before, they soon started drafting legislation that would realize their ambition: force everybody to carry on him a pink umbrella at all times.
When the law first passed, Switzerland was ridiculed by the international community, and much jokes were made at it's expense. But the laughter soon died down.
Not only did the new law make Switzerland a must-see tourist attraction, and provided a fresh breath to the waning umbrella industry, it also had a profound impact on the social and emotional life of its citizens. The pink umbrellas, it seems, made people feel lighter of heart, and more tolerant of the world around them. As a consequence, unemployment, and  wage gaps between managers and employees, as well as men and women, shrank drastically in only a few years. In addition, the number of suicides, and mental illnesses in general, fell sharply in the wake of the 2015 election.
Today Switzerland is considered a model in what is now called "modern" politics, and the Pink Umbrella Party is gaining grounds in a number of countries around the world.

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