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mercredi 16 septembre 2015

Politics that didn't Happen

In the wake of the refugee crisis of 2015, where Europe had to deal with an increasing amount of refugees from the countries it had spent the last ten years at war with, it became obvious that, because of globalized conflicts, globalized economies and global climate change, the old notion of rigid political borders had to be changed.
As a result, the World Federation of Nations was created,  unifying all countries under one central government, and easing the transport of not only goods and money, but also people. In the years that followed, massive population movements, as well as profound restructuring of infrastructure, would change the world forever.
Now, Europe has become the overcrowded dorm of the world, while most countries in Africa are more or less empty, save for a few farmers and some natives. All over the world, a new rural exodus has happened, not from the countryside to the city, but from the producing to the consuming countries.
Redistribution of wealth still remains a challenge, and most cities are unable to keep up their growth to match the incoming people. But, on the other hand, global inequality has diminished drastically, and hunger as well as curable diseases have decreased significantly.
Whether this experience will manage to stand on its own in the long term, or whether these overcrowded cities will implode, remains to be seen. But it has become clear that, in the face of global inquality, only global solidarity stands a chance.

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