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jeudi 17 avril 2014

Letters from the Northern Lands


My Love

Today as well, the sun is shining. After walking inland for an hour or so, we cam upon a small lake, where we could wash our clothes. They were in dire need of it too, since we had not had the chance to do so since we left. Afterwards we took a quick bath in the clear, fresh water. We rinsed the grime and sweat off of our bodies quickly, for even though the sun was warm and the water invigorating, it way still too cold for a long swim.
Afterwards we ate, and then napped under the gentle rays as our clothes dried. It felt good to feel clean again, and we left the lakeside with a smile on our faces.
In the afternoon we crossed a small mountain-pass to get to the other side of the island. The view form the top was, as you can probably guess by now, breathtaking. As we reached the seaside again, a brisk wind started blowing, but we did no mind, for the heavy packs on our backs kept us warm, sweating even. Now we have made camp in a small copse near a bay, to take some shelter from the wind. Wild blueberries growing between the pines served as desert, but we did not wait long to go to rest. Long days and short nights are taking their toll. But it is a rewarding fatigue, full of things accomplished, that will lead us to sleep tonight.
But not before I have written my letter to you, my Love. For the more I experience the wonders of the northern country, the more I long to tell you about them, to share them with you. I would like to be able to show you what we see, to let you smell the rich aroma of the ocean and the forest, to let you feel the brisk wind blowing through your hair, to let you taste the freshly caught fish. But all I have to let you experience what I do are words. And as poor an excuse as they are, I still feel you are near me every time I write.


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