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mardi 15 avril 2014


Do you remember the days ?
Do you remember the ways we took together, watching as the world sways in our wake ?
Do you remember the joys we shared, the pains that had us ensnared, the times we cared, I for you and you for me ?
Do you remember the good and the bad, how you tried to make me a dad, and I was forced to make you sad ?
Do you remember the times we laughed and cried, the naked breasts we spied, united in heart and soul as we tried
to get closer ?
Do you remember ?

I remember the drive you gave me, never to set me free, how by the balls you held me, literally.
I remember how your pain was mine, how I held you crying, as you were hurt, or smiling when you where fine.
I remember the stupid things you made me do, your brother and you, and how you saw me through when I was down, turning me back around.
I remember the pain as you were dying, holding back the tears, not crying, but mourning in silent grief. And still I don't know the thief that stole you form me.
But I shall remember how we used to be.
My right testicle and me.

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