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mardi 22 avril 2014

Strange Times

Strange times indeed !

As spring is melting the last snow that lingers in the shadow, I myself find that life has taken a rather sudden turn. And now that my man-parts seem to finally be in order again (even though reduced in number), I find that inspiration lacks. Indeed, after all that, normal life seems too boring to be worth mention. Such is always the case with intense (although not necessarily good) experiences. Everything else seems so band afterwards.

So I look ahead, dazed and confused, and while around me people scurry about their lives, like so many tiny ants scrambling for their queens, I find myself oddly disconnected from the mundane needs of mortal women and men. I see the fire that makes them run, yet I care not for the flames that burn me. I have becom numb to the world.

Or so it seems to me, anyway, but Life goes on and so do I. There should still be some things out there of which I am as of yet ignorant. They may be few in numbers, but all the harder to achieve because of their sparsity, and they shall keep me busy for the years to come. That is my hope.

And if not, I still have one ball left to loose !

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