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lundi 11 novembre 2013

So yeah, I confirmed my resignation from my job today. Man, that job sucked. Let me tell you about it !

So, I was working at this call-center of this big research institute which I won't name and which doesn't really exist, because I don't know if they could sue me. Basically, I had to call up people and nag them so I could get them to waste thirty minutes (they'll tell you it's ten-fifteen minutes. They lie. Or would, if they were not just figments of my imagination) so some (imaginary) big-shots can make a few (imaginary) millions, and I make nine euros twenty-one cents an hour (approximatively, if this call-center would exist, which it does not, this is fiction !). So what's so bad about that, you ask ? Let me tell you !
So, assuming (and I'll stop pointing it out, it gets annoying), all this imaginary stuff where true, what's so terrible about it ? Well, the thing is, you're not just making some rich people richer (which you do basically everywhere), but you're actually making them richer by allowing them to de-humanize the provider-client relationship further and further, saving time and money but limiting the possibility for human contact in everyday life more and more.

I think that's pretty bad. They asked me to give them the reason for my resignation, so I wrote them an imaginary e-mail :

from : Z. King's e-mail sent : 12:11 PM, 06.11.2013
to : imaginary hr from call-center

Dear HR team

I hereby confirm my resignation from my imaginary job, where I was working at the call-center.

Regarding the reason of said resignation, even though I have worked on construction sites before where I spent my days carrying heavy loads, and as a cleaner scrubbing floors all day, I have never had to do something in my 26 years of life that has left me with such a soul-crushing feeling of emptiness and misery as working as a caller in your call-center, and I'd rather live in the street than go back there. The only purposes of my work was to make the world a little colder, and I can neither endorse nor participate in such a task.


Z. King

(Ex-) employee n° *****

I hope who ever read it got the Beatles-reference.