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mardi 10 juin 2014

Land of the Free

There is nothing here. Empty space. No humans. No houses. No children that play in the streets. No shops. No barbers, no mechanics, and no whores. No nature, either. There is nothing.
Miles and miles of office buildings. Nobody lives in their office. There is no life there. Only work. Monotonous repetitions of meaningless tasks. Endless repetitions of pre-determined phone-calls. Barbarian use of social networking. Cold exploitation of human genius. All that and more. But no life.
People might think that the separation of business and private leads to a better existence. A happier life. But they're wrong. Separation of private and business just gives you an excuse to make mistakes. "It's just business." Your family might get evicted. Your friends might be forced to work in horrible conditions, barely making enough money to feed their family while working sixteen hours a day. A whole country will get fucked over for a few bucks. Because "It's just business".

There is no such thing as "Just business". There is no such thing as "Just 'anything'". Your actions will affect the world, just as the world will affect your action. What you do matters, and what you don't do matters, too.
So before you take action, take a good long look around you. Because no matter what you do, and no matter what you say, your actions are yours. And their consequences are too.

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