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jeudi 24 avril 2014

Letter from the Northern Lands


My Love

Another day, another island, another lake. I don't know if the water is less cool here (we are further south), or if I am getting used to it, but this time around I felt comfortable enough to swim for a few meters after washing myself. The cool water felt so nice on my bare skin after our day's walk in the sun, I could not resist.
Tomorrow we shall cross the sheer mountains that surround our lakeside paradise, but before then we enjoy our evening, writing, reading and basking in the warm sunlight. I find myself thinking more and more about what will happen after my friend leaves, and I will be alone. Facing the hardships of travel without someone to talk to, in a land where chance encounters are sparse, I wonder how my mind will hold up. Even now strange thoughts swirl at the edge of my consciousness, and I fear that without company to keep them at bay, they may well take over. What will happen then ?
But it is no use fearing the unknown, I tell myself. What will happen will happen, and I shall deal with it when the time comes. Until then, I will enjoy these last days of companionship, and hope that the time I will spend alone will be as fulfilling as the time I spent up until now.
And whatever happens, my Love, I shall keep writing to you, and that at least will give my mind a North to follow.


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