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dimanche 20 avril 2014

Letters from the Northern Lands


My Love

It is already the third day since we arrived on the islands, and still their beauty does not cease to amaze me. As we sit in our little shelter, gazing over the sun slowly setting in the distance, we feel at ease. The temperature is much warmer now, and during the day we no longer need to wear our coats. It feels like summer, even though the higher peaks still have patches of snow here and there.
I have been thinking a lot, these past days, about what it means to travel, and what it does to oneself. Whether you go from city to city, like we did together, or whether you walk into the unknown wilderness, travel takes you away from comfort. The comfort of knowing people, culture or places. The comfort of being able to communicate easily, to know your way. It breaks the plans you made, and gives you new ones. It pushes you, always, to overcome your limitations. We leave to lose what we have, and then we fight to get it back.
Sometimes travel breaks us, and then takes the pieces to make us whole again. The tiniest of things can lift our mood and make us smile, or send us to the depths of despair. Those who say they never wavered, never travelled. If you single-mindedly march on, not caring what happens around, fixed only on reaching your goal, you might just as well stay home. It is those with an open mind who travel best, letting the voyage set the pace. Listening to the voices of the weather, of their body or the people that they meet. Let yourself drift, and be guided by your steps. Only then can you truly enjoy the travels that you make.
Of course, you need the will to see through what you have been told to do, but not for glory or fame, not to impress or amaze. But because you know that otherwise, you will regret it.
I feel, sometimes, that so few people listen, even tough so many talk. Always trying to become something else, without taking the time to think about what they would like to be.
We have so little time on this earth, so why squander it with haste ? We should enjoy it as much as we can ! Enjoy the long summer sunsets, enjoy the cigarette you smoke. Enjoy the autumn leaves falling, the cold wind blowing. Enjoy the waiting, and the blur of action when it happens. Enjoy the company of friends or lovers. But do not spoil it with impatience.
Do not try to control, or be controlled, but go with the flow, slowly, gently. Push a bit here, a bit there, but do not try to force your way through.
Do not be afraid, for death comes to everyone, at any time. So before it happens, enjoy !

These are the thoughts that fill my mind as I sit near our small lake, watching the geese fly gently in the sky. In a few days my friend will leave, and I do not yet know if I should then continue south or go back north into the wild. I feel like I have missed something there, in our short stay, but facing the harsh cold alone, my pack even more full than it is now, scares me. Yes, my Love, it scares me.
If you were here now, what would you tell me to do ? Go where I must even though I might break, or go where I want, even though I might leave regrets behind ?
I do not know, my Love, and I have but a few days to decide. I hope that something will show me the way, for I am afraid I have lost it.
But do not worry, for wherever I choose to go, my heart will carry you along, my Love. And you shall be no burden.


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