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dimanche 25 mai 2014

Letters from the Northern Lands


My Love

Crab country sucked. Empty people walking through empty streets lined by empty buildings. And no good place to fish for crab. I shall not stay here waiting for my soul to get sucked out of my body, leaving only an empty shell behind, like is said to happen to those who linger. I shall do as god did, and forsake this place.
I am heading south now, where I hope to find a place where I can wash my clothes and rest my body, so I may be ready.
For there is still adventures to be had, I am sure. Not here it seems, or at least not for me. The north had given, generously indeed. But now I crave the warm sun of the south, the frenzied rhythm of its music. I shall try to get there once I am rested. We will see if I succeed.
Though tired I am, the prospect of leaving this harsh and lonely place behind does warm my heart already.
Oh how I long for the southern seas, with their warm wind and smiling people. The north is beautiful, it is true, but cold an unforgiving. The south is where my spirit dwells, it always has and always will.
I shall dance and sing with it's people soon, if things go as I wish. I shall feast upon their sweet dishes and rest my weary eyes on their colorful cities, full of life and lust and pleasure.
No more cold and placid, monotonous walks, no more harsh and bitter winds ! The south, my Love, the south !


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