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mardi 13 mai 2014

State of Mind

When freedom is a free commodity, it is not appreciated. Only the restrictions imposed can reveal the value of lifting them. If we are to be free, limitless, there is nothing to do, nothing to find. Faced with so much space, with infinite space, our mind stretches out into that infinity, until it is so thin we can barely see it.

We loose ourselves in that space, and nothing has relevance anymore because everything is present. Only through absence can we truly define something. Knowing only presence, we have no contrast. Nothing to compare it to. And our brain works through contrasts.

Be it hearing, touch, smell, taste or vision, all our senses use contrast to convey information. If there is no contrast, there is no information. Uniformity is silence. And it is the same with emotions.

The human nervous system is based on the system-state itself. There is no repository of knowledge or memories. No hard-disk or data-tape to be tapped into. There are only connections, and their firing threshold. The state of the system, as well as the number and threshold of its connections, determines the accessibility or not to certain information, as well as the state of being of an individual.

If the system is uniform, connections break down, because stimulation and inhibition happen to the same degree, so no connections take place. The system dies the more uniform it becomes. The amplitude of variation of states decreases, and with it the intensity of sensations.

So keep it fresh !

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