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jeudi 29 mai 2014

Letter from the Northern Lands


My Love

I am now at the frontier of the northern lands. I have travelled all night and all day, and finally I have left to cold beauty of the never-setting sun, and found the warm filth of humanity again.
At first, I did not understand this new yet familiar way of life, but the frost of the last three weeks has melted away, and I can see once more what it means to be human, to be part of this race. After all this time in the loneliness, the good is all the more clear to me. The companionship, the friends, the shared moments, the love. It all seems so dazzlingly bright right now.
It know it will soon start to fade. I know the ugly parts are there too, just beneath the surface, waiting to strike. I know they will not wait long.
But for now, I shall enjoy. Enjoy the humanity.
I had been down, and going had become harder. I needed a change and I have found it. It does not mean that things get easier, that the challenge is less. It does not mean that things will start happening effortlessly. But the time I have spent with few or no company makes the effort of comradeship easier, just as the comradeship has made the effort of loneliness easier.
Once again, I am ready, my Love. Ready to jump into this new adventure. The first time, I left you behind. This time, my Love, my adventures shall take me back to your side.


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