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dimanche 4 mai 2014

Letters from the Northern Lands


My Love

I am tired. I have not slept much last night, and I spent the day waiting or in transportation. But even with the lack of sleep, I am in high spirits. Drowsiness washes away all worries.
My companion has left today, heading south, while I am on my way north to face the wilderness once more. I shall go seek what I left behind in the mountains and the forest. Although the thought of facing the harshness of the wild on my own scared me at first, now I am impatient to get out of civilization's reach once more. To be on my own, master of my destiny and at the mercy of natures' whims. And to make it through. Is that not why humans seek adventure and danger ?
I take it also as a good omen that I saw an elk for the first time today. Three, in fact, one after the other, grazing peacefully by the roadside, gazing up just long enough for our eyes to meet as I sped by.
A wise swedish man I once met told me that elks are better people than Nazis. I have pondered that statement for some time now, and found it to be true. I shan't bore you with tedious statistics to prove my point (although there are many that would), but here are some facts that highlight this view :
Elks have never committed genocides of any kind. They have never contested freedom of thought or expression thereof. Never have they tortured their fellows, or any other species. And have nazis ever fed people with their flesh ? Probably. War is hell.
These thoughts leave me confident that all will go well in the county of the wise and peaceful elks. No harm shall com to me in their care.
Another strange thing I realize is that I have also seen the first reindeer on my travel on the roadside. Why, can't I help but wonder, do we go trekking through the untamed nature, when obviously we could just as well walk along the road ? Sophistry, I suppose.
Ah, my Love, I am tired but alone, and I do not want to stop writing, for it is the only means of communication I have left. Do pardon me if I make no sense. But then again, did I make sense before ? Maybe.
Even though it is midnight past, the sky is still bright. I have a hard day waiting tomorrow, but I do not want to go to sleep yet. Why, I wonder ? I do not feel as at ease alone in the city than alone in the wild. I would rathe be where the elks roam than where the nazis do. Goddamn nazis. I do not like them.
Goodnight, my Love, and may the sleep that eludes me find you well and cozy in your bed.


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