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dimanche 18 mai 2014

Letters from the Northern Lands


My Love

Today was a long day. I don't really know where to begin. I woke up in good spirits, and it was lucky I did. I had to fold up my tent in rain and strong wind. A few minutes after I started walking, it had started to pour. Now I know why Tom had jumped ship. He is a smart spider, although not a very loyal one. The only good thing about the weather was that the nazis did not dare come out, cowards that they are. So I walked alone, in the rain and the wind. It is better to wake up and walk than to never wake up at all.
As the day progressed, I met some reindeers. They were probably envoys sent by the elks. I was offended that they would not come in person, but I greeted their messengers politely none the less, and we chatted a bit about the weather. At about noon, I found what I was looking for. After that, all hell broke loose.
The wind was now a gale, the rain a torrential downpour. I had no shelter to speak of, and had to eat lunch hiding behind a rock. After that I marched on, slipping and sliding on the wet rocks, half climbing, half crawling, as it got harder and harder to find a path through the narrow valley I was in.
What where the elks thinking ? Was this their doing ? Had they betrayed me, forming an alliance with the nazis, perhaps ? Ha ! As if they could ever break me ! It was stupid of them to try, and they shall pay for it in due time.
I walked on, wet and tired, betrayed and neglected, but I walked on. As I finally got out of they valley, the sun greeted me. Finally. The elks had seen reason. I kept walking. It is amazing how hard you can push yourself.
Now I have set up camp, and must go sleep. I hope I will dream of you tonight.


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