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jeudi 22 mai 2014

Letters from the Northern Lands


My Love

Today again was a hard day. Although the weather was calm, if cloudy, this meant that the nazis would return. Once more we fought a harsh battle. "Who won ?" you ask ? My Love, in war there are no winners.
On and on I walked, through rocky mountainsides and lush prairies, ignoring the agonizing screams of pain of my body. I would not falter. I would not let the distance break me.
I finally arrived in civilized lands again shortly after midnight.
Civilization does have its perks. Warm showers I especially appreciate. Finally after all those days could I wash the grime off my tired body, and feel somewhat human again. Yes, my Love, I have crossed the loneliness. I have faced the harshness of cold, empty paths, and at its end, I have found company.
I am a bit disappointed, though, That I did not get to meet the elks in person. Perhaps, after their poor reception, did they not dare show themselves to me. I would respect that. I hope that next time I visit, things shall go better.
Now I shall rest, and then slowly make my way back to you, my Love.
I have seen that the fiercest of winds, the heaviest of rains, the harshest of paths can not keep me from you. I have found what I was looking for, and now I shall come out of the wild.
But first I shall briefly visit the country of crabs. I have always been fond of crabs. Although rather dull company, they are quite tasty. I do not know if elks are tasty. I hope to find out someday.


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