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mardi 27 mai 2014


Some people want money so they can buy a nice house later in live. They save and save, until finally they have enough to get a loan, which they will spend the next twenty years paying off.
Some people want money to be sure their children will have a good starting-point. They save and save, until they’re sure they will be able to pay for their kids’ education. They will make sure there’s enough bacon for medical emergencies, or whatever else might crop up.
Some people make sure they have enough money to buy a racy sports-car, a fancy boat, or a great apartment.
Some people save money so they can be sure they’ll be able to afford their dream-journey, or their dream-house, or their dream-wedding.
Some people will save money to make sure that they have a lot of it. Enough so that they can say “Hey, I got xxx dollars.” And the girl will find it impressive.
Some people get as much money as they can, because they hope it will fill the hole in their hearts.
Some people work their asses off every day so they have enough money to put some food on the table at night.

Me, I work so I have enough money to stop caring about how much money I have.

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