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mardi 25 mars 2014

Four goblins came out of nowhere. They looked kinda cute, fluffy little buggers that they were, but also fast as hell. Not as fast as my cat, though. She took one out before they could even move. The three that were left held nothing back, biting my pals as if there was no tomorrow, but it didn't take long to get rid of them. Fast but weak. After that, not much happend.
We had to get rid of one or two boars, but nothing major. We handled it with minumum damage. We knew they wouldn't be able to follow us once we reached the city. Man, these trips were annoying.
Back and forth and back again, from one town to another, all just so some stupid old dog could be cleared of his charges. And what was the point of that anyway ? Not like he'd be of any use later on. The only thing he was good for was to make me do shit and mouth off. Useless bastard. On the other hand, clearing up his mess had allowed me to see quite a bit of the world, and meet some new people. If not, I probably wouldn't have gotten the power of the dragon.


I need to stop playing breath of fire II.

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