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mardi 18 mars 2014

I bought a hat some time ago. It's a pretty neat hat. It kind of makes me look like Humphrey Boggart or Robin Hood, depending on how I want to use it. And it's really comfortable. With it, I feel like I'm a real artist.
Like Bob Dylan or Donovan, it gives me that bohemian charm. Free as the clouds, my friend. When I wear my scarf and my jacket, and with my guitar on my back, I look like a real street musician. It's so cool ! But there's still much work to do.
I need to learn that flip-motion to put on the hat, where you kinda roll it around your hand, or something. But the shape of the hat makes it hard to do. I need to train. Not everybody can wear a hat.
There is something about being a hat-guy that changes you. You identify with your hat. You become the hat, the hat becomes you. Because it is on your head, one of the first parts of the body people look at, because it has an impact on the face, which is the visual paradigm we recognize the easiest, it defines you.
We hat guys are a queer ol' bunch. We are dominated by the hat, because it is above us, yet we do not reject it. For we seek the powers it grants us. When we see another hat-bearer, we nod in acknowledgment of the suffering, and the rewards, that we share.

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