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jeudi 20 mars 2014

The wondrous evolution of the mysterious Box-fish

Part 4 : Easy does it

BMW is currently conducting research on the boxfish. As you can guess, BMW doesn't really care much about the origin of this genus. Even though they should. No, the reason why BMW is doing research on the boxfish is its aerodynamic properties.
Indeed, despite its bulky form, the boxfish is extremely aerodynamic. Living mostly in turbulent coastal waters, its strange form allows it to take advantage of the unpredictable currents, instead of getting swept away. So the reason why the boxfish does have this strange shape is the simplest of all : fish need to move well in water.
After almost an hour of painstaking research, spent almost entirely without even a cigarette break, the result was strangely anti-climatic. But I guess it just goes to show that no matter how strange something may seem at first glance, once you get to know where it comes from, it'll all make sense.

And so we conclude the boxfish arc. Hope you liked it. From now on we start with a new story, "Letters from the Northern Lands". The first letter will be published tomorrow, and from then on it will update every sunday and thursday.

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