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jeudi 27 mars 2014

Letters from the Northern Lands


My Love

We have arrived. But this is not the end of our journey. It is the beginning.
The majestic mountains that tower above us awe and humble the human spirit. The clear blue lakes that stretch out before us, fed by pristine streams tumbling out of the eternal ice, invigorate our tired minds. The lush green invites us to breath freely. And once more we realize that ours is a futile struggle. No matter how grand our buildings, how advanced our civilization or how rich our culture, never shall we match the sublime grandeur of nature.
Having come to understand this, we do not despair. On the contrary, we rejoice at being a part of it, for it is the greatest of all undertakings (please do excuse this poor wording, for the rain forced us to set up our tent post-haste, and made me loose my train of thought).
Indeed, the unmatched splendor of nature can even make us forget how deadly, how without mercy the wilderness is. But even the uncanny violence and fierce destruction it contains do not mar its beauty. On the contrary.
In nature, there is no evil. Everything struggles. That is the definition of life. The fight for survival knows no quarter, and it needs no quarter. There is no malice in those who struggle to survive. Only in those who struggle to enrich themselves. Thus only in humans do you find true evil. And only in humans can you find true good. For nature does not care either way. She just goes on, unbothered, as she always has, and always will.
But then, what is the meaning of our lives, of our believes ? I do not know, my Love. I cannot fathom our purpose. But I do know this, my Love : So long as you are in my life, it shall have meaning.


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